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Miranda House


Indian pollution control association (IPCA) implemented vermicomposting technology at Miranda house, Delhi University. This project started on 1st February 2006 with the trial period of one year. The success of solid waste management through vermicomposting technology observed by everybody in the campus and it was decided to extend this project for another year.

This project aims to the upgrade the Solid Waste Management System through recycling and composting of the garbage and to propagate the 3Rs System (recycling, reuse and reduce) of solid waste.

The objective of the proposed project was to successfully demonstrate the technical, environmental and socio-economic feasibility of vermicomposting methods coupled with recycling and reuse of non-degradable components of the waste.

Main elements of the programme

1. Collection of Garbage: garbage was collected at least twice a day from canteen and hostel mess and was brought to the composting site.
2. Segregation: IPCAs composter segregated the garbage into two components i.e. food waste/organic waste and disposable waste
3. Vermicomposting Process: organic waste was stabilized through the joint action of earth worms and aerobic microorganisms.